La Vecindad Children's Cultural Center

More than a physical space, this is a concept that offers children and young rewarding contact with art, where they have the opportunity to express themselves freely to stimulate their imagination and creativity.

Located in an old neighborhood in Cuernavaca, this cultural center, founded in 1995, has two programs: Artistic Initiation, carried out on its premises, and Children's Culture, where the summer course is organized. Workshops are also taken to communities in the state. The Neighborhood forms part of the Secretariat of Culture of Morelos and receives federal funds through what is now the Secretariat of Culture.

The Rayuela Foundation has supported The Neighborhood since its inception. It contributed to the efforts to annex the old Civil Registry building for the use of the children's cultural center. It has also built and refurbished dance halls, movie theaters film and clay modeling rooms, in addition to donating teaching materials and instruments.

The Neighborhood Children’s Cultural Center takes cultural activities and shows to the Rayuela Foundation Regional Cultural Center in Ocuituco.